List of Events Conducted by the CLS

  1. 26th November, 2012, Law Day celebrations- Panel Discussion on ‘Media and the Judiciary’, with special emphasis on the Sahara v SEBI judgment. Panelists included, Justice Katju, Justice A.K. Ganguly, Justice Alok Chakraborty, Prof. (Dr.) Uday Raj Rai, and Prof C.K.N Raja.
  2. 27th November, 2012– Lecture on “The Life of Motilal Nehru and his Contribution to the development of the Constitution” by Prof. C.K.N.Raja.
  3. 1st February, 2013–   Discussion with and talk by Prof. Uday Raj Rai on the NRRO advisory opinion.
  4. 9th February, 2013– Lexis- Nexis CLS Constitutional Law Essay Competition.
  5. 26th February, 2013 – In collaboration with JILS- Lecture on “Between Rights and Representation: The Search for Balance in Affirmative Action for Muslims”by Satya Prateek, Research Associate at Centre for Policy Research.
  6. 27th February, 2013– In collaboration with JILS – Lecture on “Notwithstanding Anything in the Constitution? A Critique of 117th Constitution Amendment (Promotions Quota) Bill” by Satya Prateek, Research Associate at Centre for Policy Research.
  7. 16th March 2013– First intra-college NUJS Youth Parliament on the Lokpal Bill.
  8. 5th April, 2013 – In collaboration with IDG:  Interactive Session With Hon’ble Justice Michael Kirby
  9. 6th April, 2013– A symposium on “Role of the Bar in Development of Public Law”. The panelists for the symposium included Hon’ble Justice Michael Kirby (a former judge of the Australian High Court), Senior advocate PP Rao, Prof. NL Mitra , Barrister Samaraditya Pal, Prof. Udai Raj  Rai and Prof. Bhat.
  10. 6th April, 2013– Organization of the 1st M.K. Nambyar Lecture 2013 on “The Necessity and Limitations of Judicial Activism.” delivered by Hon’ble Justice Michael Kirby. Other guests included Justice Ruma Pal , Mr K.K. Venugopal , Justice A.K Ganguly , Prof Ishwara Bhat and others.
  11. 21st August, 2013– “Gender Equality In the legal profession” by Dr Shashikala Gurpur, Director of SLS Pune and Former Member of the Law Commission.
  12. 3rd Spetember, 2013– “Symposium On Lily Thomas v Union of India , CEC v Jan Chaukidar and Subramaniam Balaji v State of Tamil Nadu – Has the Supreme Court committed judicial overreach in it’s attempt to cleanse politics ” by Prof. U. R. Rai and Prof. P. Ishwara Bhatt.
  13. 12th September, 2013– “Interactive discussion on the Gaming and Betting Industry in India” by Mr. Saurabh Bhattacharjee, Mr. Prabhat Kiran Mukherjea, Dr. Lovely Dasgupta and Mr. Bharat Agarwalla.
  14. 28th September, 2013– Organized “Symposium on the Judicial Appointments Commission Bill” by Justice A.K. Ganguly and Prof. Udai Raj Rai.
  15. 30th November,2013– Organized “8th K.C Basu Endowment Lecture” by Ms. Medha Patkar and Senior Advocate Sanjay Parikh as the Chief Guest , former Chief Justice of India, Justice Altamas Kabir and The Governor of West Bengal, Mr Narayanan.
  16. 30th November,2013– Organized “Launch of the Justice Sunanda Bhandare Forum for studies in National Resources Law.”
  17. 30th November,2013– Organized “Interactive session on Judiciary and Governance” by Justice Iqbal Ahmed Ansari, Patna High Court.
  18. 23rd January, 2014 – Lecture By Dr Uday Chandra , PhD, Political Science, Yale University on “Liberalism and its Other: Primitivism in Colonial and Postcolonial Indian Law” in collaboration with JILS.
  19. 27th February, 2014 – Interactive Session with Prof Kris Olson and Mr  Les Swanson, in collaboration with JILS. Prof Olson was the United States Attorney for Oregon, and Les Swanson is a member of the diplomatic corps.
  20. 6th March, 2014 – NUJS Mock Parliament on “Prevention of Communal and Targeted Violence (Access to Justice & Reparations) Bill, 2011″.
  21. 15th March , 2014 – Durga Das Basu Constitutional Law Essay Competition, 2014 on “Territorial Organization of States in India: Basis, Experience and Challenges“.
  22. 22nd March, 2014 – Organized The 7th D.D Basu Endowment Lecture by Former Chief Justice Of India , A.S Anand on “Judicial Review not Judicial Activism- A Constitutional Imperative” , Presided by Justice Ruma Pal and Chief Guest Mr M.K Dwiwedy , Principal Secretary to the Judicial Department of West Bengal.
  23. 29th August, 2014– Organised The First CLS Legislation Drafting Competition on “Protection of Refugees Bill, 2014“.
  24. 9th September, 2014– Organised an interactive session on “The National Judicial Appointments Commission Bill, 2014” with Hon. Retd. Justice Altamas Kabir, Former Chief Justice of India and Prof. Shameek Sen.
  25.  1st December 2014– Organised lecture by Prof. M S Galanter, Emiretus Professor of Law at Wisconson Law School on “Reflections on the Birbhum Gang-Rape Case“, in collaboration with JILS.
  26. 13th December, 2014– Seminar in memory of Late Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer.
  27. 31st January, 2015- organised the 3rd Durga Das Basu Constitutional Law Essay Competition, 2015 on “Power of Promulgating Ordinances in a Constitutional Democracy“.
  28. 7th February, 2015- Organised the 8th Durga Das Basu Endownment Lecture by Shri Soli Sorabjee on “Expansion & Protection of Fundamental Rights by Judicial Interpretation and Intervention“, Presided by Mr. Jayanta Mitra, Hon. Advocate General, West Bengal and Hon. Justice Altamas Kabir, Former Chief Justice of India as the Guest of Honour.
  29. 19th February, 2015– Organised a talk on “Constitutional Framework and the Future of Law in India” by Dr. Adish Aggarwala .
  30. 21st February, 2015– Organised a talk on “Constitutionality of Section 66A of the Information Technology Act and Surveillance of Internet in India” by Mr. Arun J., Counsel, Software Freedom Law Centre (SFLC).

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